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Introduction Post

Hello, moriyama_umi here to share a few photos of my season 1 and season 2 Katara cosplay. I believe I am partially at fault for getting everyone in takarazuko into Avatar: The Last Airbender after cosplaying Katara for the first time in February 2006 at Wondercon.

I wanted a non-anime costume to wear to Wondercon and having just watched most of Avatar season 1. I REALLY wanted to do Zuko's fire nation armor, but I only had one month to complete the costume and decided Katara's costume do-able in that amount of time.

Since it was a rush job, I wasn't too happy with the outcome. The costume was made out of broadcloth (blue) and some left-over cotton (white) since it was the only fabric I could find at the time in the right color. It was made in two pieces - a kimono-style top and a seperate elastic waist skirt - the end result was a set that was prone to bunch-iness. The under-shirt and pants were purchased and lastly the shoes were purchased Ugg slippers that were modified to have a white fur trim (same type I used on the skirt hem), versus the original tan color. Due to the layers and VERY warm shoes, I overheated quite quickly. At the time, I didn't have the time or knowledge to construct Katara's necklace so I opted to go bare-necked.

I only wore the costume once as I didn't have occasion to wear it again. Also, Avatar was still a very new show, so there weren't too many people that recognized the costume at all, so I ended up giving up on it.

To my utter joy, several months later the rest of the ladies of takarazuko took an interest in Avatar after watching Season 2, which prompted me to make Season 2 Katara. [Click on photos for larger versions]

This time I coordinated fabric with tsukinobara who was making Sokka. We picked something that was opaque, yet light and had a nice hang to it. I forget what type of fabric we bought, but it was a much better quality. I used a matte lycra for the belt, cotton for the trimmings and a better quality white fur for the skirt hem. The shoes were ski boots I modified very slightly with craft foam. The necklace was made with velvet ribon and light blue clay I had etched a design into. The pants were purchased. I also ended up making different wrist guards as I noticed the design was slightly different.

This time I made the bulk of the costume a one-piece pull-over dress, therefore there is a faux-kimono style design along the front. There is a zipper on on side of the dress to allow arms/shoulders and hips through. The dress is loose-fitting and mostly flows away from the body and because there is no shirt underlayer - the result is a much cooler costume than the S1 version.

I've also made a S3 Fire Nation Katara, but that can wait for another post XD.
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