Zuko Scar Tutorial

Hey guys, sorry for the delay! Here is the scar tutorial I promised a few months ago. BTW, take from this what you want. Play with the techniques, add your own flair. I just put this together because once in awhile I get a message asking how I made my scar, and it's a lot easier to explain with pictures. But there's lots of ways to go about it, so experiment and do your thing!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur when you make your scar. These are the steps I do on myself, but if you have sensitive eyes, you need to take that into account. If you are a minor, please check with your parents before taking painkillers, putting on greasy makeup or chemicals near your eyes. Got that? Cool.


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Thanks to my TakaraZUKO ladies for being demonstration models <3 and big, big love to slave_to_anime who took all these photos for us!

If you want to see the ridiculousness we got into wearing these costumes, it's here in this post.

TakaraZUKO Presents: West Side Story

...in 2 minutes!

Fresh from Saturday's Comic-Con masquerade, thanks to waynekaa and genjitsu of American Cosplay Paradise, we have video footage, yayyy!

If you have an ACP account, you can watch it in hi-res, oooh. Otherwise, enjoy this YouTube with a big extra thanks to Wayne for letting us share this with you early!

Aang - hoshikaji
Azula - braisinhussy, voiced by mognetcentral
Katara - moriyama_umi
Sokka - tsukinobara, voiced by braisinhussy
Zuko - mognetcentral

The best thing I saw at AX 2008

I missed my TakaraZUKO girls, who all skipped AX this year. I wasn't planning on going either, but ACP flashed it's batsignal and I ended up helping out with their Lucky Star and Ouran Host Club events (at the Bandai and Funimation booths). Within the first few hours of arriving, I was rewarded with this glorious sight...


Accompanied by chibi Appa, both so adorable <3


Turned out that inside the Appa suit was the girl we met last year at AX and SDCC in the non-chibi version of Appa. She seemed to remember us, and took off her head to give hugs and say hello. You 2 are awesome!
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Introduction Post

Hello, moriyama_umi here to share a few photos of my season 1 and season 2 Katara cosplay. I believe I am partially at fault for getting everyone in takarazuko into Avatar: The Last Airbender after cosplaying Katara for the first time in February 2006 at Wondercon.

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To my utter joy, several months later the rest of the ladies of takarazuko took an interest in Avatar after watching Season 2, which prompted me to make Season 2 Katara. [Click on photos for larger versions]

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I've also made a S3 Fire Nation Katara, but that can wait for another post XD.